Master of Divinity


The Bible Seminary's Master of Divinity (MDiv) program includes 28 courses (84-credit hours) designed to teach all 66 books of the Bible over a 3-year course of study. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will receive a Master of Divinity degree. The program is available for FULL-TIME students (registered for 9 or more credit hours per semester), PART-TIME students, and auditors.


Best Practices Tours

On-site visits to successful churches and ministries, and in-depth interactions with key leaders.  


Educational Immersions

Unique experiences to cemeteries, funeral homes, hospitals, prisons, a sheep farm and various retreat centers.  Meetings with executive leaders in business, education , government and ministry.


Holy Land Trip

Study tours, archaeological digs, and other optional opportunities are available for students (and family members and friends) who would like to enjoy on-site educational experiences in the Holy Land. 


Special Events

Entertainment, retreats in various retreat centers, local regional trips, special tours and world-class guest speakers. 


Vocational Ministry Service

Regular and special ministry activities and leadership involvement in regional congregations and ministry organizations. 

Career Shepherding

Graduate with a strong team of mentors and experienced leaders available to journey with students and provide a personal, critical support network throughout their ministry career.

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  1. To equip students with in-depth background and content knowledge of all 66 biblical books.

  2. To expose students to the major theological concepts and doctrines.

  3. To teach students the major personalities and events of church history.

  4. To prepare students for success in ministry and/or doctoral studies.

  5. To expose students to a wide array of ministerial duties.

  6. To enable students to maintain a healthy balance between family and ministry.

  7. To equip students to use the original biblical languages in their preaching and teaching.

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biblical education

and leadership training

  1. The student will demonstrate mastery of the background and content of all 66 biblical books through the SFM 500 post-course assessment. 

  2. The student will demonstrate mastery of major theological concepts and doctrines through post-course assessments and final exams in the theology sequence (THE 501 – 504) and the church history sequence (THE 510 and THE 511). 

  3. The student will demonstrate mastery of the major personalities and events of church history through exams, research assignments, and presentations in THE 510 and/or THE 511. 

  4. The student will demonstrate preparation for success in ministry and/or doctoral studies by completing a summative and comprehensive Capstone project (CAP 590). 

  5. The student will demonstrate mastery of a wide array of ministerial duties as measured by assesses in- class preaching assignments in PRE 501 and final exams in PAS 501, PAS 511, and SFM 501. 

  6. The student will demonstrate competency in Hebrew and Greek through final exams in HEB 502 and GRK 502.  

  7. The student will develop the ability to exegete, exposit, and defend his or her faith as demonstrated by post-course assessments in APO 501, GRK 502, HEB 502, and PRE 501. 

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Master of Divinity

MDIV - 84 credit hours

The MDiv curriculum integrates an in-depth study of the Bible with the standard historical, theological and practical disciplines critical to developing professional skills for ministry in the 21st century.

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