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The Bible Seminary students

Certificate of Theological Studies

The Certificate of Theological Studies (CTS) is a 9-course, 27-hour non-degree program that offers vital educational experiences beneficial for anyone serving or who wants to serve in biblically-based, Christ-centered ministry leadership. The curriculum includes 7 CORE graduate courses common among all TBS degree programs, plus 2 ELECTIVE courses selected from any other available options. Fundamental skills and topics studied include hermeneutics, church history and theology, ministry leadership, public speaking/teaching, and spiritual formation, as well as a survey of all 66 books of the Bible and in-depth studies of numerous biblical books.

Non-degree students are billed at the Audit rate per course (equivalent to the tuition cost of 1-credit hour). However, CTS students also have the option to earn 3-hour, graded credit by paying the full tuition and fees, attending and participating in course sessions, submitting all assignments, exams, and projects. Earned credit hours can be applied toward a graduate degree program should they desire to do so.

Program Description

Study all 66 Bible books; major movements and personalities in church history; and the thematic, chronological, and geographical flow of the entire Bible. Gain confidence in teaching and/or preaching skills, and develop ministry skills in counseling and leadership.

CTS students are eligible to take any TBS graduate course. TBS generally offers at least one CORE course every semester at each location where graduate courses are offered. Students can take more than one course per semester, without needing to follow the sequence. Students may take their two elective courses at any point. There are no prerequisites for this program.

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