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TBS Partnerships

The Bible Seminary is proud to offer top-tier theological education with strong partnerships with Public Reading of Scripture and Colson Fellows. Our focus on community-driven learning gives students the opportunity to engage with their faith in a meaningful, impactful way.

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Colson Fellows

In partnership with Colson Fellows, qualifying students may earn up to 6 graduate degree credits from The Bible Seminary while completing the Colson Fellows program.

Colson Fellows from across the globe complete a rigorous course of study that begins each July and concludes with their commissioning in May. In this ten month program, candidates follow a carefully curated curriculum that is updated each year.  The curriculum includes thirteen books, video content, daily time in the Bible, live webinars with Christian thought leaders and a monthly in person meeting with local, like-minded Christian in which they are able to engage in a lively exchange of ideas.  


For more information, visit the Colson Fellows website at

Public Reading
of Scripture

In partnership with the Grace and Mercy Foundation, The Bible Seminary proposes to introduce, model, mentor, and multiply Public Reading of Scripture among TBS and Katy/West Houston communities. This includes weekly, semester, and annual activities designed to help build sustainable groups, propagate new groups, nurture individuals and organizations in faith and good works, and strengthen communities for the glory and purposes of God. 


Public Reading of Scripture is hosted weekly at The Bible Seminary on Monday’s from Noon to 1:00 PM. 

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