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Tuition & Fees

Bible Certificate

• $250 per course: Bible Panorama, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

• $225 per course: Bible Study Methods; Old Testament I, II, and III; New Testament I and II; TBS Bible Certificate Electives

• $375 per course: Graduate Course Audit

Vocational Ministry Certificate, Dual Degree Completion, Master of Arts, Master of Divinity

• $375 per credit hour + fees

Tuition and Fees Notes

1. Total Minimum Cost calculates expenses based on least expensive course options outlined below.

• BC = 8 courses at $225 each + 1 course at $275

• VMC = full-time attendance based on 5 courses one semester + 4 courses another semester

• MA = full-time attendance based on 5 courses for three semesters plus any additional remaining balance the last semester

• MDiv = full-time attendance based on 5 courses each semester for five semesters + 3 courses one semester

2. Biblical History and Archaeology degrees incur additional costs NOT listed here such as expenses for trips to archaeological sites.

3. Graduate degree programs

• Tuition = $375 per credit hour

• Per semester fees = $125 (registration, library, and technology)

• Per course fees = $60 (student activities, student services, and transportation)

4. Cost to AUDIT graduate classes is $375 per class without any other fees.

5. Fee Definitions

Library – Contributes to the cost of book and journal acquisitions, maintenance, and circulation.

Registration – Contributes to the administrative cost of processing a student’s registration.

Student Activity – Contributes to the cost of student activities such as retreats, concerts, class parties, and classroom refreshments.

Student Services – Contributes to the cost of connecting students with career and ministry opportunities, including opportunities to engage with guest speakers and other professionals in class and on-location.

Technology – Contributes to the cost of providing students with state-of-the-art Bible/study software and training, online course management and student management software, and campus Wi-Fi service.

Transportation – Contributes to the cost of transportation for field learning exercises to locations such as camps, churches, cemeteries and funeral homes, farms, hospitals, libraries, museums, radio stations, etc.

6. The tables on this form do NOT include:

• Book costsOne-time Application Fee ($50) for graduate degree students

• One-time Graduation Fee ($300 MDiv/MA, $350 DD, $125 VMC, and $35 BC)

• Outside Dual Degree Completion program costs since these vary widely across courses and institutions.            

Pay Graduation Fees:      

MDiv/MA - PAY FEE      

Dual Degree  Completion - PAY FEE      

Vocation Ministry Certificate - PAY FEE      

Bible Certificate - PAY FEE

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