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Executive Officers

• President, Dr. K. Lynn Lewis (2014-present), Executive Vice-President/Provost (2011-13)
• Provost, Dr. Scott Stripling (2017-present)
• Vice-President of Finance and Administration, Mr. Rick McCalip (2010-present)
• Board of Trustees, Mr. Adam Peters (Chair) with 11 total members


• Two full-time administrators who also teach
• One full-time faculty member and 15+ adjunct professors
• 50+ professionals who serve as mentors and visiting teachers


• Dr. James E. Leggett, Founding President (2010-13)
• Rev. Paul Helbig, Bible Institute Co-founder and Lead Faculty (2008-16)
• Mr. Dan Dunham, Founding Board of Trustees Chair (2010-13)
• Grace Fellowship Church, Seed funding for launch (2010-11)

Incorporation and Licensing

• Independent and non-denominational
• Registered Domestic Non-Profit Corporation in the state of Texas (Feb 2010)
• Registered IRS 501(c)(3) Charitable Institution of Higher Education (Aug 2010)
• Exemption by Texas Workforce Commission (Mar 2011, Oct 2018, Aug 2020)
• Exemption by Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (May 2011)
• Affiliate Member of the Association for Biblical Higher Education (2012 - Jul 2021)
• Approved CEU provider by the Association of Christian Schools International (Oct 2015)
• Approved by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) for Applicant Status (Jan 2018), Candidate status (Apr 2019), Accredited status (Oct 2020), and to offer Distance Education (Apr 2021)
• Approved accredited member of ECFA (Sep 2019)
• Approved member of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (Dec 2021)


• Master of Divinity (84-credit hours)
• Master of Arts (four majors plus 4 concentrations, 48 to 60-credit hours)
• Dual Degree Completion (Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry in conjunction with a TBS MA or MDiv)
• Vocational Ministry Certificate (27-credit hours)
• Bible Certificate (10-credit hours)

Special Program Elements

• Distinctively clear Core Values (Lordship of Christ, Bible as fully true Word of God, Prayer, Unreached Peoples, The Local Church, Community, and Compassion), doctrine, and ethos statements
• Holy Land Study Tour opportunity
• Technological study and resource tools
• Multiple experiential learning opportunities
• Strong commitment to helping students graduate with ZERO ($0) seminary debt

Unique Features

• All programs cover all 66 books of the Bible
• Comprehensive, relevant education and training for 21st century leadership
• Local mentoring and training opportunities throughout the graduate degree programs
• Educational experiences in classrooms, on-site visits to regional locations and international locations, especially in Israel

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