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Executive Officers

• President, Dr. K. Lynn Lewis (2014-present), Executive Vice-President/Provost (2011-13)
• Provost, Dr. Scott Stripling (2017-present)
• Vice-President of Finance and Administration, Mr. Rick McCalip (2010-present)
• Board of Trustees, Mr. Adam Peters (Chair) with 11 total members


• Two full-time administrators who also teach
• One full-time faculty member and 15+ adjunct professors
• 50+ professionals who serve as mentors and visiting teachers


• Dr. James E. Leggett, Founding President (2010-13)
• Rev. Paul Helbig, Bible Institute Co-founder and Lead Faculty (2008-16)
• Mr. Dan Dunham, Founding Board of Trustees Chair (2010-13)
• Grace Fellowship Church, Seed funding for launch (2010-11)

Incorporation and Licensing

• Independent and non-denominational
• Registered Domestic Non-Profit Corporation in the state of Texas | Feb 2010
• Registered IRS 501(c)(3) Charitable Institution of Higher Education | Aug 2010
• Exemption by Texas Workforce Commission | Mar 2011, Oct 2018, Aug 2020
• Exemption by Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board | May 2011
• Affiliate Member of the Association for Biblical Higher Education | 2012 - Jul 2021
• Approved CEU provider by the Association of Christian Schools International | Oct 2015
• Approved by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) for Applicant Status | Jan 2018; Candidate status | Apr 2019; Accredited status | Oct 2020; and to offer Distance Education | Apr 2021
• Approved accredited member of Evangelical Council Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) | Sep 2019
• Approved member of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements | Dec 2021 | Aug 2023


• Master of Divinity (84-credit hours)
• Master of Arts (four majors plus 4 concentrations, 48 to 60-credit hours)
• Dual Degree Completion (Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry in conjunction with a TBS MA or MDiv)
• Certificate of Theological Studies (27-credit hours)

Special Program Elements

• Distinctively clear Core Values (Lordship of Christ, Bible as fully true Word of God, Prayer, Unreached Peoples, The Local Church, Community, and Compassion), doctrine, and ethos statements
• Holy Land Study Tour opportunity
• Technological study and resource tools
• Multiple experiential learning opportunities
• Strong commitment to helping students graduate with ZERO ($0) seminary debt

Unique Features

• All programs cover all 66 books of the Bible
• Comprehensive, relevant education and training for 21st century leadership
• Local mentoring and training opportunities throughout the graduate degree programs
• Educational experiences in classrooms, on-site visits to regional locations and international locations, especially in Israel

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