Joshua, Judges and Jesus

Israel has long been a destination for tourists and Bible enthusiasts, but with the current worldwide health crisis, people are unable to travel to the Land of the Bible. Since Houstonians cannot travel to Israel, TBS is bringing Israel – and the Bible – to Katy, Texas. Joshua, Judges, and Jesus – A Walk Through Biblical History – has toured the United States for the past eight years, and it is coming to The Bible Seminary (TBS) in 2022. Over 26,000 people visited the exhibit in 2021 at the Museum of the Albemarle in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. TBS expects similar numbers. “There is a tremendous enthusiasm in the Greater Houston area about this exhibit coming to town” said Angela McClinton, TBS Director of Development, “It is all anybody is talking about around here.”


The exhibit features 170 artifacts from the Land of the Bible, many of which were excavated by Dr. Scott Stripling and TBS students enrolled in the Master of Arts in Biblical History and Archaeology program. Dr. Stripling, TBS Provost, has served as the Director of Excavations at several biblical sites, including Khirbet el-Maqatir (biblical Ai and Ephraim) and Shiloh, Israel’s first capitol. Free tours are available Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM or by appointment outside those hours by special request when registering.

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