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Bible Certificate Program 10 credit hours


The PURPOSE of the Bible Certificate program is to help nurture a biblically literate populace via comprehensive, strategic Bible-based studies. The 10-credit, non-degree educational program for ages 16 and up is offered by The Bible Seminary in association with churches, denominations, individuals, ministries, and other organizations.

The CORE curriculum consists of 7 courses (8 credits) designed to help students internalize the worldwide impact of Judeo-Christian history and culture by strategically covering all 66 books of the Bible, teaching how to study Scripture, and mentoring the practice of studying specific passages.

The ELECTIVE options (2 credits) offer students a wide range of 

Bible-based experiences and opportunities to reinforce applied learning and skills, as well as allow some flexibility to tailor the program to meet individual needs and interests while maintaining educational standards. Most courses are also eligible for CEU credit through the Association of Christian Schools International (ASCI).

Program Objectives

  1. The student will gain a perspective of the Bible as a whole, its place in culture and history, and its relevance for contemporary life.

  2. The student will gain a strong foundation for leading and teaching persons of all ages.

  3. The student will prepare for Christian leadership at home, family, church, community, and career.

  4. The student will engage in a shared community of advanced learning with highly skilled instructors and passionate co-learners and gain confidence for serving as a ministry leader.

Learning Outcomes

  1. The student will understand the basic thematic flow of the Bible as demonstrated by the Bible Panorama post-course assessment.

  2. The student will understand the basic chronological flow of the Bible as demonstrated by the Bible Panorama post-course assessment.

  3. The student will understand the basic geographical flow of the Bible as demonstrated by the Bible Panorama post-course assessment.

Frequency of Offering

The Bible Certificate Program offers core and elective content each fall and spring semester with on-campus weekday and weeknight options, as well as synchronous (live online) and asynchronous (recorded online) Distance Education options. Certificate-level content is embedded into portions of graduate-level courses as specifically designated in individual course syllabi. As noted on the following “Bible Certificate Program Outline,” most certificate course portions involve the equivalent of 8 once-per-week class sessions approximating 22 hours of class time. See the current Academic Calendar for specific times and locations of upcoming courses available.

Bible Certificate Program Outline

Many BC courses are integrated into sections (usually the first 8 weeks) of TBS graduate courses. The CORE courses listed below indicate the Bible Certificate course number, as well as the corresponding equivalent graduate course option(s). Note: BC students should register for the BC course number listed when signing up for classes, NOT the graduate course number.

Bible Certificate (BC)

CORE courses (All 7 required)

BP001: Bible Panorama

➢ SFM 500: Spiritual Formation & Ministry

A sweep of the entire Bible that provides a Big Picture view of Scripture. Introduces students to the content, themes, and background of all 66 books of the Old and New Testaments. 14 weeks, 4 CEU’s Hours: 2

BSM001: Bible Study Methods

➢ BSM 501: Bible Study Methods – Esther, Obadiah, Mark

Learn how to study the Bible through observation, interpretation, correlation, and application. Introduces literary types and cultural contexts of biblical writers that affect understanding and application of ancient texts to modern contexts. 8 weeks, 2 CEU’s Hours: 1

OT001: Old Testament I

➢ SFM 501: Spiritual Formation and Ministry I –

Exodus & Numbers portion

➢ THE 501: Theology I – Genesis

Study of foundational Old Testament historical books. 8 weeks, 2 CEU’s Hours: 1

OT002: Old Testament II

➢ PAS 511: Pastor-Leader I – Ruth, 1 & 2 Samuel and 1 & 2 Kings

➢ PRA 501: Prayer and Worship I – Leviticus, 1 & 2 Chronicles,

and Psalms

Study of Old Testament historical or wisdom books. 8 weeks, 2 CEU’s

Hours: 1

OT003: Old Testament III

➢ MIS 503: Missions III (Anthropology) – Hosea, Amos, Micah,

and Zephaniah

➢ PAS 501: Pastor-Shepherd I – Job, Jeremiah, & Lamentations

Study of Old Testament prophetic books. 8 weeks, 2 CEU’s

Hours: 1

NT001: New Testament I

➢ SFM 501: Spiritual Formation and Ministry I – Matthew portion

➢ SFM 506: Spiritual Formation and Ministry VI – Gospel of John portion

➢ THE 503: Theology III – 1 & 2 Corinthians, 1 & 2 Timothy, and Titus

➢ THE 510: Church History I – Acts Study of New Testament history.

8 weeks, 2 CEU’s Hours:1

NT002: New Testament II

➢ THE 502: Theology II – Romans and Hebrews

➢ THE 504: Theology IV – Joel, Daniel, 2 Peter, and Revelation

Study of New Testament theology. 8 weeks, 2 CEU’s Hours: 1

CORE hours = 8

ELECTIVE Courses (2 required, select from any options available)

ELECTIVE hours =2

BC = 7  CORE + 2 Electives = 9 courses (10-credit hours)

Bible Certificate Elective Options

Graduate Course Audit

Audit any graduate course offered by TBS and receive Bible Certificate credit. Audit students take classes and may participate in class assignments but are not required to turn in work for a grade or to take course exams or finals. However, TBS audit students DO have the option of requesting that their work be graded and may take exams and finals in case they do decide to eventually pursue a degree. In such cases, students may petition the Provost to convert audit course work for graduate credit.

⚫  General

Bible Certificate courses offered by TBS

God and Science, 8weeks, 1 TBS credit; 2CEU’s

Exploration of fundamental concepts related to reconciling God, the Bible, and science. This course equips students to confidently respond to critics of the Bible who attempt to use science to undermine it.

Holy Land Tour Prep, 8 weeks, 1 TBS credit

An introduction to the geography and cultures of Bible lands designed to help prepare students for a trip to Israel. Course content specifically focuses on sites scheduled for visits during TBS study tours but is also helpful for anyone going on any trip to Israel, since most groups visit many of the same sites.

SoulCare(SOULutions),8 weeks,1 TBS credit; 2 CEU’s

Learn how to apply the Bible to daily challenges of life, including practical ways of advising others and offering hope to those who long for encouragement and biblical wisdom.


Non-TBS offered electives

(Provost must approve to receive TBS credit)

Bible Study series, such as Beth Moore, Bible Study Fellowship, Disciple Bible Study (I, II, III, or IV), Navigators, Precept Ministries, UpWord, or other (including Rightnow Media series).

Topical series, such as Alpha, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Financial Peace University, Ibloom, Stephen Ministry Training, or other.


▪ Cross-cultural mission trip

▪ Study tour of the Holy Land

▪ Study tour of other Biblical or Christian history locations


1. First time enrollment in a Bible Certificate course requires completion of a Non-Degree Application.

2. Students may take individual courses without officially enrolling in the Bible Certificate program.

3. Graduates of the Bible Certificate program are welcome to retake classes and/or take additional electives.

4. For educational and other professionals who need CEU credits, The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) has approved most TBS CORE courses for 2 CEU’s.

5. Grading for Bible Certificate courses is Pass or Fail and is determined by attendance. Except in unusual circumstances, in order to receive course credit, Bible Certificate students must attend at least 75% of class sessions.

6. To review and register for upcoming Bible Certificate classes, please visit and click the upcoming semester link under “Academics.”

Program Objectives
Learning Outcomes
BC Program Outline
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