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Dr. Chris McKinny

TBS Adjunct Professor

Dr. Chris McKinny
  • B.S. in Biblical Studies (2008), The Master's College

  • Master of Arts in Biblical History and Geography (2011), Jerusalem University College

  • Master of Arts in Archaeology and Land of Israel Studies (2014),Bar-llan University

  • Ph.D in Archaeology an Land of Israel Studies (2016), Bar-llan University

Dr. McKinny has a PhD from Bar Ilan University (Israel). His dissertation focused on the historical geography and archaeology of the town lists of Judah and Benjamin in the book of Joshua. Chris is also a senior staff member of the Tel Burna Archaeological Project (Biblical Libnah) in which capacity he has contributed a wide-range of peer-reviewed articles, conference papers, and popular essays. Besides being involved in several other writing and research projects, including the Lexham Geographic Commentary Series (ed. B. Beitzel) and the Photo Companion to the Bible(ed. T. Bolen), Chris also authored "My People as Your People: A Textual and Archaeological Analysis of the Reign of Jehoshaphat" (Peter Lang, 2016), "The Tribal Allotments of Judah and Benjamin in the Book of Joshua: A Historical Geography" (Eisenbrauns in process), and co-edited "Tell it in Gath: Studies in the History and Archaeology of Israel Essays in Honor of A. M. Maeir on the Occasion of his Sixtieth Birthday" (with I. Shai, J. R. Chadwick, L. A. Hitchcock, A. Dagan, and J. Uziel - Zaphon, 2018) and "‘And the Canaanite was then in the land’ (Gen. 12:6): Selected Studies on the Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages of Southern Canaan" (with A. M. Maeir and I. Shai - DeGruyter, in press). In addition, Chris serves as an adjunct faculty member at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, The Bible Seminary, The Master’s University (IBEX), and William Jessup University.

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