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Student Services

TBS aims to compliment the educational aspects of the institution with additional elements that can help provide wholesome experiences that are nurturing, provisional in keeping with the size and style of TBS, and safe. Although the TBS campus model offers no standard residential student life components, the seminary does provide beneficial student services through the Student Services Coordinator and other staff under the direction of the Provost.

Please know that you are an answer to prayer, and we are here to assist you during this season of ministry and vocational preparation. Student Services strives to enhance and support your educational experiences by offering services and opportunities that will encourage spiritual and intellectual development. These services include the following:

  • Coordinate the Student Government Association

  • Coordinate the Alumni Association

  • Provide news and updates to students

  • Inform students and alumni of job placement opportunities

  • Aid students in transition by offering orientation, information, and campus tours

For more information, contact Clayton Van Huss, Student Services Coordinator.

Student Administrative Services

Key administrative services offered to TBS students includes assistance exploring educational opportunities, applying, enrolling, registering for classes, paying tuition and fees, finding and accessing classroom locations, classroom support while on campus, course materials and resources support (including Logos Bible Software and RightNow Media), and digitally accessing and navigating the TBS web site and Student Web Portal. Additional services may include:

  • Financial assistance – helping students find and apply for scholarships, helping students produce and mail personal support newsletters, helping students nurture a support network for immediate and long-term ministry.

  • Residential assistance – helping students find a place to live while attending TBS.

  • Study Tour assistance – helping students find, apply for, fund, prepare for and travel on trips to Israel and perhaps other locations, as part of their educational experience.

  • Technological assistance – helping students access and learn how to effectively use various devices in the classroom (both Mac and Windows platforms), as well as presentation and production software (such as Canva, InDesign, iMovie, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Premiere, Skype, Word, Zoom) and social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and personal web sites on Joomla, Wix, WordPress, or other web platforms).

  • Travel assistance – helping students arrange for and travel to and from certain class locations.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Student Government Association (SGA) - provides organization and leadership for the Student Body at large in order to promote the best possible communication, understanding, and cooperation among administration, faculty, and Student Body as they uphold the biblically-based educational philosophy of the seminary.  SGA Officers, 2021-22

  • President, Zac Aikman

  • Vice-President, Jordan McClinton

  • Secretary/Treasurer, Lindsey Bender

  • Chaplain, Noelle Martin

  • Activities Director, Allison Taylor

Students wishing to form additional clubs or organizations should schedule a meeting with the Provost, followed by a written request. Examples of clubs include the Foreign Languages Club or the Biblical Archaeology Club.

Student Health Services and Insurance

TBS does not currently provide any institutional student health services or institutional access to student health insurance services.

Student Ministry Opportunities

Churches and Ministries All TBS graduate students are required to engage in approximately 5 hours of ministry per week to help parallel experiential, practical ministry interactions in conjunction with their educational journey. Many students are already employed in vocational ministry positions in churches or para-church settings, while others volunteer in various ministry positions. Many students also supplement these experiences with cross-cultural ministry trips, study trips, and various service opportunities. In any given year, actively enrolled TBS students minister directly to thousands of people regionally and worldwide, and tens of thousands indirectly. Students who need assistance finding opportunities should speak with the Provost. Volunteer and some paid opportunities may also be available at TBS, and notification of these opportunities are typically made known whenever they are available. Again, interested students should contact the Provost for more information.

Great Southwest Prayer Center - Some students regularly volunteer to serve as part the ministries of the Great Southwest Prayer Center. For more information about volunteering prayer and worship services through Audience of One (live prayer and worship sets in the prayer center), The Moravian Room (24-7 prayer lobby), Jordan’s Crossing Room (private prayer room), The Call Room (telephone prayer bank), call 281-647-7729 (PRAY), or email

The Katy Church - an informal group of pastors and ministry leaders in the Katy/West Houston area that gather together for various activities throughout the year.

  • Weekly prayer on Wednesdays from Noon to 1:00 p.m. in The Great Southwest Prayer Center.

  • Monthly prayer on the first Wednesdays of each month from Noon to 1:00 p.m. to pray for and get to know various local ministries. Opportunities include hosting or helping host a lunch and helping administer the ministry and leadership network.

  • Annual Pastor’s Prayer Summit held each spring for 24-hours at a regional camp, bi-annually involving west-Houston and Katy-area ministry leaders and the next year ministry leaders from all over Houston. Opportunities include helping organize, host, and provide follow-up assistance for the retreat.

  • Annual National Day of Prayer held at the Merrell Center in Katy. Opportunities include helping organize, promote, host, and provide follow-up assistance for the event.

  • Annual Fire on the Altar 3-day non-stop prayer and worship. Opportunities include helping organize, promote, lead, and provide follow-up assistance for the event.

For contact information for regional churches and para-church ministries, click on the “Ministry Directory” link at

Because the return of Christ awaits the evangelization

of all people groups (Matthew 24:14), we will keep

our eyes on the unreached peoples of the world

and train our students to have a heart for the

fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20)

by seeking to reach millions of soulsfor Jesus Christ.

Student Cultural, Educational and Religious Opportunities

For more information about various opportunities and resources available in the Houston regional areas, visit the following links:




Vocational Services

TBS provides career counseling and vocational services under the direction of the Provost. Students are encouraged to work with the Provost and others to explore vocational options and pursue specific paths during their educational journey and may continue to receive information and assistance as alumni.

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