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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit: A Study Guide for Individuals & Groups

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit: A Study Guide for Individuals & Groups


What are the gifts of the Spirit? What role do they play in the life of the Church? Which gifts are still active today? How do I know if I've received a gift? What purpose do my spiritual gifts serve? What would a healthy church look like? Discover biblical answers to these and numerous other questions in this study. While designed specifically for small group Bible study and application in local churches, individuals and larger groups will also benefit. All churches, regardless of their beliefs and practices regarding spiritual gifts, will find encouragement and challenges in this study. Sixteen weekly lessons along with loads of bonus materials including a brand new spiritual gifts survey directly tied to this study! From the Introduction to the

"There are many studies available on the gifts on the Spirit. Why have another one? Each study is unique and each one has a specific purpose in mind. This study is intended to equip you and your fellow believers to use the gifts of the Spirit in such a way that the mission of God would move forward through evangelism and discipleship."
This is the second book published by the Artios Center for Vibrant Leadership, a division of Artios Christian College, an online school devoted to equipping leaders for a vibrant 21st century church.

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