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Audit any Course

Audit any TBS course for $375 per class. Students have the option of completing the class work for credit or taking for personal enrichment.

Dual Degree Program

Allows students with an Associate’s degree, life experiences or college credit to simultaneously earn a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s.


The Bible Seminary is proud to offer

top-tier theological education with strong partnerships with Public Reading of Scripture and Colson Fellows. Our focus on community-driven learning gives students the opportunity to engage with their faith in a meaningful, impactful way.


TBS Seminars are classes or lectures given by experts in a particular topic. TBS also offers of campus options for your business, church or group. 

Master of Arts

Specialized teaching covering all 66 books of the Bible over a 2-year course of study.

Biblical History & Archaeology    

Biblical Studies with concentrations in Biblical Languages, Christian Education, Media Production & Missions         

Biblical Languages & Cultures    

Church History & Theology

Certificate Program

Graduate-level education for anyone serving in vocational

or volunteer leadership.

Master of Divinity

Designed to equip ministry leaders and teach all 66 books of the Bible over a 3-year course of study.


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