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ASI News

40-year-old odyssey uncovers original ‘Home of God’ at Mount Ebal

The Jerusalem Post

ABR Researchers Discover the Oldest Known Proto-Hebrew Inscription Ever Found

Associates for Biblical Research

Abigail's Archaeological Adventures

Abigail Leavitt

Amulet with Possible Hebrew Inscription Discovered on Mt. Ebal

Associates of Biblical Research

Ancient Curse Inscription Deciphered from Tablet Discovered During Archaeological Wet Sift on Mt. Ebal

Katy Christian Magazine

Ancient Hebrew Amulet Discovered at Mount Ebal in Israel


Ancient Hebrew Writing on Tablet Discovered at Joshua's Altar

Patterns of Evidence

Ancient Hebrew ‘Curse Tablet’ Discovered at Joshua’s Altar on Mt. Ebal

Armstrong Institute of Biblical Archaeology

Ancient curse inscription deciphered from tablet discovered during archaeological wet sift on Mt. Ebal

Religion News Service

Ancient curse tablet found by Katy archaeologist suggests new timeline for Old Testament events

Houston Chronicle

Archaeologist claims to find oldest Hebrew text in Israel, including the name of God

The Times of Israel

Discover Hidden Israel in this 4-part video series on InGrace


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