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Your Giving: Reaching Communities Near and Far

The Lord sent them.

Administrators and artisans, farmers and fishermen, mariners and merchants, physicians and politicians, scribes and shepherds. Kings and queens; princes and paupers; commanders and soldiers; cupbearers and teachers; husbands and wives; married and unmarried; Jews and Gentiles; formerly blind, deaf, demon-possessed, diseased, harlots, lepers, mutes, tax collectors, and zealots.

Both the Old and New Testaments are filled with accounts of people the Lord called, rescued, redeemed, taught, touched, empowered, and employed to reach individuals, groups, communities and nations. Jesus sent out the Twelve, the 72, and many more to tell His story through their story in order to make disciples of all nations.

"Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story" (Psalm 107:2-3) and "Go tell how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you" (Mark 5:19).

That is why The Bible Seminary (TBS) alumni, Board, faculty, staff, students, and more serve as ministry leaders in multiple countries on five continents and in numerous cities and states across America. As TBS pours into them, they in turn share their witness and do good deeds that impact thousands of souls weekly near and far.

Your financial support helps us train disciples of Jesus Christ to better tell their story and serve the Lord and others wherever they live and work.

Thank you for giving us a voice to reach communities near and far through TBS,

Lynn Lewis

  • The giving table above shows GOALs and ACTUAL support. For example, we are seeking 255 donors who will together contribute $78,917 per month totaling $947,000 during the fiscal year. We currently have 50 donors contributing $25,258 per month and are seeking 205 additional donors.

  • At the $100/month level, we are seeking 25 donors, currently have 12, and need 13 more. At the $2,000/month level, we are seeking 4 donors, currently have 2, and are seeking 2 more. The total columns show progress at each giving level as well as the overall totals.

  • The Adopt-a-Book boxes show the number of books available for adoption and the number adopted so far.

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