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Leave a Legacy: Adopt-a-Book

If you have not already done so, would YOU please adopt at least one book in the TBS library today?

Your contribution of $100 per book directly supports the TBS mission of training leaders in all 66 books of the Bible and helps build a legacy of faith until Jesus returns.

We need your help. Will you join together with others to support TBS by adopting at least one book?

Adoptions may include a dedication in honor or memory of someone special, and your personalized tribute will be included in a book highlighting your legacy gift. Adoptions can be made securely online, by mail, email, in-person, or by contacting our office.

Adopt-a-Book today and join us in strengthening faith, training minds, and building Christian community.

Don't delay. Adopt-a-Book today!

Lynn Lewis

Giving Tueday at The Bible Seminary

TBS General Budget

The giving table above shows GOALs and ACTUAL support. For example, we are seeking 255 donors who will together contribute nearly $79,000 per month during the fiscal year. We currently have 50 donors contributing a little over $25,000 per month and are seeking 205 additional donors. For example:

  • At the $100/month level, we are seeking 25 donors, currently have 13, and are seeking 12 more.

  • At the $300/month level, we have 3 committed and are seeking 12 more.

  • At the $2,000/month level, we have 2 committed, and are seeking 2 more.

The Adopt-a-Book boxes show the number of books available for adoption and the number adopted so far.

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