SFM 505 Spiritual Formation & Ministry V




Five Saturday classes starting July 16 at 9:00 am

About the Course

The primary objectives of this course are to study the books of Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes devotionally, begin the process of vocational ministry career placement, organize one's personal life, and continue to focus on personal spiritual formation in a small group environment. The student will conduct a minimum of 5 hours of ministry per week and debrief that ministry together with peers and a professor. This course also includes on-site visits to various para-church ministry settings such as a hospital (exploring chaplaincy), cemetery and funeral home, and behavioral/mental health facility.

Your Professor

Dr. K. Lynn Lewis

Dr. K. Lynn Lewis

Dr. Lewis is a seasoned entrepreneur with a diverse professional background in business, education, and ministry, and has worked as an engineer, senior pastor, administrator, director, CEO and currently serves as the President at TBS.