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Researchers decipher oldest known Hebrew inscription on 'cursed' tablet

The oldest known Hebrew inscription, found on Mt. Ebal, contains the word “curse” 10 times in a 23-word English translation.

Researchers decipher oldest known Hebrew inscription on 'cursed' tablet, The Jerusalem Post, Judith Sudilovsky, 3/24/2022

In Deuteronomy 27:15-26 Moses instructs the Levites to lead all the people of Israel from the top of Mount Ebal in a series of 11 curses against anyone who partakes in a variety of actions including making an idol, dishonoring their mother or father, or moving their neighbor’s boundary stone. In Joshua 8:30, Joshua builds an altar on Mount Ebal following his battle with Ai, makes a burnt offering to God, and repeats the curses of Moses.

Now, in a press conference on March 24 at the Lanier Theological Library in Houston, Texas the Associates for Biblical Research (ABR) announced the discovery of a formulaic curse inscription recovered on a small, folded lead tablet found on Mount Ebal...