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Archaeological Studies Institute
Leading the Associates of Biblical Research consortium excavating at Ancient Shiloh

ASI Team


Led by Dr. Scott Stripling, the Archaeological Studies Institute (ASI) team includes individuals and organizations from around the world involved in archaeological excavations, research, and study, especially Associates for Biblical Research (ABR) consortium partners excavating at Ancient Shiloh.

Associates for Biblical Research

Consortium Co-Leader

Colorado Christian University

Consortium Partner

Dr. Craig Evans

TBS Adjunct Professor

Brent Hoefling

Shiloh Director of Information Technology, TBS Student

Lee University

Consortium Partner

Jordan McClinton

JJJ Museum Co-Director, Shiloh Square Supervisor, TBS Student

Near East Archaeological Society

Consortium Partner

Dr. Brian Peterson

TBS Adjunct Professor, Shiloh Square Supervisor

Blake Quimby

JJJ Museum Guide Graphic Designer, TBS Communications Director, TBS Alumni

Allison Taylor

JJJ Museum Marketing Coordinator, TBS Marketing Director, and TBS Student

Patrick Wise

JJJ Museum Docent, TBS Student

The Bible Seminary

Consortium Leader

Emmaus Bible College

Consortium Partner

Dr. Matt Glassman

TBS Adjunct Professor, Shiloh Square Supervisor

Dan Lawless

JJJ Museum Docent, TBS Student

Dr. K. Lynn Lewis

Shiloh Director of Photography, Shiloh Network News Executive Producer, TBS President

Dr. Chris McKinny

TBS Adjunct Professor

Shelly Neese

The Jerusalem Connection President, TBS Student

Carousel Pieterse

JJJ Museum Scheduling Coordinator, TBS Office Manager and Registrar

Dr. Charles Savelle

TBS Adjunct Professor, Shiloh Square Supervisor

Gary Urie

JJJ Museum Guide Photographer and Docent, Shiloh Photographer, and TBS Student

Tommy Chamberlin

Shiloh Square Supervisor, TBS Student

Evangel University

Consortium Partner

Dr. Mark Hassler

Shiloh Square Supervisor

Abigail Leavitt

Shiloh Assistant Dig Director, TBS Alumni

Angela McClinton

TBS Development Director, TBS Alumni

Mid-Atlantic Christian University

Consortium Partner

University of Northwestern, St. Paul

Consortium Partner

The University of Pikeville

Consortium Partner

Dr. Scott Stripling

ASI Director, JJJ Museum Director, Shiloh Director of Excavations, TBS Provost and VP of Donor Relations