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Annual Conferences


Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) Annual Meeting: A 3-day conference of thousands of professional Biblical scholars, educators, pastors, and students "devoted to the inerrancy and inspiration of the Scriptures and the gospel of Jesus Christ" and "dedicated to the oral exchange and written expression of theological thought and research." TBS faculty and students regularly present at this conference annually. Costs for the conference, food and lodging, and travel average around $1000 per person.

Near East Archaeological Society (NEAS) Annual Meeting: NEAS focuses on research in the lands of the Bible, the modern Middle East, with a distinctively evangelical perspective that considers the Bible as a valuable ancient document providing useful data complimentary to the archaeological record. The annual meeting provides a program of informational papers and reports as well as the opportunity to participate in the business affairs of the organization and is regularly held in conjunction with the ETS Annual Meeting.

American Society of Overseas Research (ASOR) Annual Meeting: As part of their work to initiate, encourage, and support research into, and public understanding of, the history and cultures of the Near East and wider Mediterranean world, ASOR holds an annual meeting that includes paper presentations and workshops related to Near Eastern archaeology.