Archaeological Studies Institute
Leading the Associates of Biblical Research consortium excavating at Ancient Shiloh


The Archaeological Studies Institute (ASI) supervises archaeological excavations, research, and study associated with The Bible Seminary (TBS) and leads of the Associates of Biblical Research (ABR) consortium excavating at Ancient Shiloh.

  • Digs and Tours - Information on past, current, and upcoming excavations and study tours

  • MuseumJoshua, Judges, and Jesus: A Walk Through Biblical History free museum exhibit displaying 170 artifacts excavated from the land of the Bible.

  • News - Archaeological articles and updates from around the world

  • Projects - Descriptions and costs associated with various ASI initiatives

  • Team - Led by Dr. Scott Stripling, the Archaeological Studies Institute (ASI) team includes individuals and organizations from around the world involved in archaeological excavations, research, and study, especially Associates for Biblical Research (ABR) consortium partners excavating at Ancient Shiloh.

  • Videos - Archaeological documentary and news videos produced in association with seasonal excavations.

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Master of Arts in

Biblical History and Archaeology

Study under recognized leaders in archaeology and related fields. Students strategically and comprehensively study the Bible; learn basic historical, theological, and practical knowledge critical for serving in professional leadership; and experientially explore basic archaeological history, theories, and methodologies.